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Adult  Cosmetic Braces

Dr. Tran is committed to helping patients in Brier Creek, Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas achieve the straight and confident smiles they've always wanted. If you’ve been putting off straightening your teeth because you don’t want to spend two years in metal braces, ask Dr. Tran about the revolutionary new system that can give you the smile of your dreams in less time than you ever thought possible!

Six Month Smiles

Experience the Difference

  • Most Six Month Smiles cases take between six and 9 months, whereas traditional braces can take up to two full years to realign your smile.
  • Six Month Smiles braces have subtle, tooth-colored brackets and ultra-thin wires, so people will notice your smile—not your braces!
  • Six Month Smiles is a low-force treatment that moves only the teeth that show when you smile. This results in fewer adjustment appointments and less discomfort.
  • Because of the revolutionary materials, the short overall treatment time, and the reduced office visits, Six Month Smiles is often more cost-effective than traditional braces.
  • When your braces come off, Dr. Tran will provide you with a custom-fitted retainer to keep your straight new smile looking great for years to come.

No matter what age you are, you deserve to look in the mirror and love the smile you see. Call Brier Creek Smiles Dentistry today to schedule your free Six Month Smiles consultation and find out if cosmetic braces are right for you!

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